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Liquid Eyebrow Pencil

Liquid eyebrows pencil is a perfect tool for microblading tattoos and tattoos located in various parts of your head. The micropencil contains only the best ingredients for the long-lasting browver suction cup ink pen and long-lasting 3dforkbrow kit.

Liquid Eyebrow Pen Long Lasting Eye Brow 3D Fork Makeup Micr

Liquid Eyebrow Pen Long Lasting

By Unbranded

USD $8.88

Bichall 4-Head Fine Sketch Liquid Waterproof Eyebrow Tattoo
Three Dimensional Durable Waterproof Liquid Pen

4 Fork Brow Eyebrow Pencil

By Unbranded

USD $5.79

Eyebrow Tattoo Pen Liquid Brow Enhancer 4 Head Fork Tip

Dye Tint Pencil Eyebrow Tattoo

By Unbranded

USD $3.77

Eyelash Mascara Makeup Set
4 Points Natural Waterproof Brow Pen Lasting Tattoo Tools

Women Eyebrow Pencil 4 Points

By Unbranded

USD $3.49

Fine Sketch

MUSIC FLOWER Liquid eyebrow pen

By Unbranded

USD $4.55

Best Liquid Eyebrow Pencil Reviews

This liquid eyebrow pencil is perfect for anyone who wants to create a tattoo look with your friends or family. It's super easy to use and can be used for a variety of other curative operations such as multiple take with fading. Our bichall 4-head fine sketch liquid waterproof eyebrow tattoo pen eye brow pencil is perfect for drawing attention to brows or for reaching up for a laugh.
this liquid ink pen is for micro blading on tattoos and will not cause any adverse effects to the tattooed person. This pencil is also water resistant 4fork pencil brow definer.
this is a liquid eyebrow pencil that will durably write in on your skin. It is ideal for reaching for the eyebrow pencils when you need to, or for reaching up and drawing attention to your hair when you are styling it. The fork-shaped brow pencil is also great for drawing attention to more delicate eyebrows, such as the lower lash area. This pencil is easy to use, just use the up-and-down motion of the hand to write in one direction on the skin then use the left and right hands to write in the other direction.